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What advantages does “Wer liefert was” offer to suppliers, manufacturers, traders and service providers?

wlw makes it possible to present your entire range online with product photos, details, price information, delivery times and availabilities. In this way, you can improve your visibility and reach on the internet and thus increase the potential for concluding business transactions.

With the intelligent search system, the chances of generating orders also increases, since related search terms are linked together and ensure that providers can be found as easily as possible with their product portfolios. 100 contacts are made between providers and those searching for products and services every minute via wlw – that adds up to over 51 million company contacts a year.

Suppliers, manufacturers, traders and service providers can choose from various service packages that offer good value for money and complete transparency in relation to costs. The packages at wlw can be booked at fixed prices and the cost can therefore be calculated with reliability. In addition, wlw offers transparent reporting on visitor numbers and origin of potential customers in the form of the performance report. wlw also supports its customers with tips on the optimal presentation of the company profile and online marketing in general. Along with the B2B marketplace, wlw offers AdWords campaigns for its customers, as an official Google AdWords Premium SME Partner. On request, wlw will also advise its customers on a personal basis – its extensive field sales team provides this as an on-site service. With the “Europe” package, customers can have a presence with their profile on other European partner websites.

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