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What is “Wer liefert was”?

How does “Wer liefert was” work?

What advantages does “Wer liefert was” offer to suppliers, manufacturers, traders and service providers?

How do I find suitable providers with “Wer liefert was”?

Is “Wer liefert was?” now a sales platform?

Does “Wer liefert was” work with other industry directories?

How current is the company information on “Wer liefert was”?

Can I buy addresses from “Wer liefert was”?

What is the difference between “Wer liefert was” and Google?

How do I get a quotation if I find a product I am interested in on “Wer liefert was”?

Can I print out my search results on “Wer liefert was”?

Can I save and download the results of my search on “Wer liefert was”?

Can I save and manage suppliers on “Wer liefert was”?

Is it possible to see the entire product or service portfolio of a company?

What do the numbers after the categories mean when filtering? 

How can I tell whether a company is a service provider, manufacturer, wholesaler or dealer?

How is it that I can enter a word and a search results page appears that is helpful but does not include the search term as such?

Is it better to enter general search terms such as “screws” or specific terms such as “concrete screws”? 

Can I enter more than one search term? 

What do I do if I don’t get any hits? 

Where can I see the products? How can I find products on “Wer liefert was”?

How do I activate JavaScript in my browser?