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European reach

What is the difference between “Europe Premium”, “Europe Starter” and “Europe Professional”?

“Europe”: in which countries will my company profile be found?

“Europe”: how can I measure performance with “Europe”?

“Europe”: what are the contractual conditions?

“Europe”: can I select or deselect specific countries?

“Europe”: which countries are covered?

“Europe”: which services are included?

“Europe”: what advantages does the product offer me?

“Europe”: how can I edit/update the company profile on the partner sites?

“Europe”: how can I find out if the company profile has been published on the partner websites?

“Europe”: how are the profile texts translated?

“Europe”: what are the criteria for selecting your keywords on our partner websites?

“Europe”: how is my company profile presented on the foreign partner sites?

What are the options as far as the reach of my profile is concerned?