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What are the notice periods for termination with “Wer liefert was”?

All orders are standing orders, unless otherwise agreed, and will be extended as such by 12 months if not terminated with a notice period of three months (in detail here) from the end of the term or the end of one of the respective 12-month extension periods. The additional orders for “AdWords" and "Retargeting" can be terminated with a notice period of one month from the end of the minimum term, then with a period of one month from the end of the month.

Termination of the main contract (service package) also terminates existing additional orders for “Top Ranking”, “D-A-CH” and “Web Analytics”. All terminations must be completed in writing (email, letter or fax). If during the contract term you order additional services as standing orders, these additional orders initially run until the start of the next renewal period of the main contract. Thereafter, the extension periods and notice periods which apply to the main contract will apply to the additional orders equally.

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