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Does the White Label search also work through “Wer liefert was”?

Would you like to make it possible for visitors to your website to search the wlw database so that they can find out about providers in the immediate area easily and directly?
We offer you options for displaying the specialist suppliers and service providers in your city or region to companies looking for a location.

Use our White Label search and make this available to visitors to your website free of charge. This means that you have the latest, well-maintained database with update mechanisms at your disposal, together with our knowledge of industries and many years of experience in the B2B sector. 

Our White Label solution can be adapted to the needs of your users. You can obtain the finished HTML snippet from us and you can then integrate it very easily wherever you want it on your website..

A few websites such as city portals and Chambers of Trade and Industry have already integrated our White Label solution. Examples of existing cooperation agreements include:

Our aim is to extend what you can offer your users by integrating our service. Everyone can then find the provider they are looking for more efficiently. Are you interested, or would you like further information? Then we look forward to hearing from you!

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